Now that Eric’s books are hitting the shelves, our team is taking a well earned rest. However, we felt it important to introduce the team to you, so biographical information about them is here for your information.
Enjoy BBB!

Tim Bulmer is Blockley Bank’s illustrator
Tim Bulmer is Blockley Bank’s illustrator, bringing to life the characters throughout the series, encouraging readers and listeners to use their imagination to add colour and form to the context of each tale and maximise the opportunity to absorb the wisdom within. Tim graduated from Wimbledon School of Art in 1981 with an honours degree in Theatre Design. With a wealth of commercial clients and private commissions from every walk of life behind him, Tim has produced sensationally eye-catching artwork throughout the UK and Europe that includes venues in visitors’ centres and hotels. With a keen eye for detail and a humour second to none, he is an accomplished illustrator of books, including Calvert’s Guide to the British People and magazines such as Wine and Spirit and The Resident and Landscape. Amongst all his other projects and commissions, Tim is Blockley Bank’s illustrator, adding quirkiness and colour that catch the eye and imagination and bring the tales alive. To see more about Tim and his creative genius, have a look at his website: http://www.timbulmerartist.com

Martin Hemenway is our IT and Website Manager

Martin Hemenway is our IT and Website Design and Management Consultant and has been our IT backbone for many years, maintaining computers, laptops, smartphones and our email systems. Nothing is either too difficult or impossible. It’s always a ‘can do’ response to any question. He seems to work a 30-hour day and an 8-day week and, although now retired twice from other careers, he enjoys sorting out IT systems for small organisations and producing websites. If you need an independent consultant to help sort out your IT, drop him an email on info@mjh-ibc.com or visit his website www.mjh-ibc.com