Do you want to find ways of supporting children build their self-esteem, self-belief, confidence and resilience to help them feel happy in their lives? Blockley Bank Books recognise that emotional health is just as important as physical health and, based on the mantra that ‘Every child’s mind matters!’ has published a series of positively written stories to help children develop mindfulness, confidence, emotional well-being and resilience through six Relax ‘n’ Learn Teaching Tales, featuring the worldly-wise Eric the Oracle and the woodland animals and river creatures who live in Blockley Bank. They’re written in a creative, fun way to specifically help readers and listeners to relax and learn from key messages on dealing with some of the common challenges children might face as they grow up. Written by Kate H.N. and illustrated by Tim Bulmer, these first six tales cover:

Calming words encourage readers/ listeners to allow their imagination to take them on a safe, guided journey into a magical, riverside land called Blockley Bank. This setting also encourages the reader/ listener to think about the world around them by raising awareness of many different aspects of nature and the animal kingdom, with their many similarities to human existence. The point is to ‘go with the flow’ and relax ‘n learn by stepping back from real life (as if watching a play) and observe how others can often share similar difficulties and what they can do to help themselves deal with tricky or upsetting situations. Watch and learn from the wisdom of Eric the Oracle, whose wise words can be applied to anyone who wants to tackle their problems and feel happy.

This Relax ‘n Learn series is aimed at Key Stages 1 and 2 primary school children – although the messages can actually be applied to all our lives! Kate H.N. writes from her experience in working for more than 38 years, mostly in children and young people’s services, as a nurse, health visitor, counsellor and life coach.  It’s never either too early or too late to help children and young people find their inner resources to develop their self-esteem and confidence, raise their awareness of the world around them and encourage them to seek help when that ‘inner voice’ makes them feel uncomfortable. Armed with a ‘tool-kit’ of coping skills and information offered by Eric the Oracle, children can learn to build a strong foundation for living that brings them security, resilience, self-awareness, confidence and happiness. These skills are essential ‘tools’ for emotional well-being and can help lead to a happy and personally successful life.